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Let's pay attention and get involved in protecting the mental wellbeing of our migrant brothers and sisters in Singapore.


One Day Out: Restore Freedom Of Movement For Male Migrant Workers

✦   Provide workers with “One Day Out” of their dormitories per week on their rest days, at Recreation Centers (RCs) and eventually beyond, and communicate how this can be achieved to all workers.

✦   Communicate a timeline, where possible, for how freedom of movement will be restored for all male migrant workers outside of their dormitories, when dormitory cases remain sustained at low numbers of less than 10 cases a day*.

✦   Communicate their vision of care for the mental health of male migrant workers, for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

*Based on Phase 2 reopening guidelines for the community.


Pledge to be an ally to Migrant Domestic Workers

Migrant domestic workers’ mental health is just as important as mine! This World Mental Health Day, affirm that migrant domestic workers deserve working and living situations that support their mental wellbeing.

How to Pledge

  1. Save any of the pledge graphics below 

  2. Upload a pledge on your social media account

  3. Use our hashtags #WithOurMDWs #ProjectOpenDoors 

  4. [Optional] Write your own caption explaining why you are making a pledge 

  5. [Optional] Post a picture with your MDW (with her consent!) along with the pledge

  6. Share and encourage people you know to pledge along with you!


Get Involved!

Many of these organisations who are doing valuable work rely on the warmth of volunteers and are driven by donations and mutual aid. If you are keen to extend your support, know that a little goes a long way!