Compiled articles on migrant worker accommodation in Singapore

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

[CNA] New MOM division to provide support to migrant workers, dormitory operators

Published: August 2020

The government has set up the Assurance, Care and Engagement (ACE) Group to support migrant workers and dormitory operators amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

[TODAY] How to address 3 distress factors for Singapore’s migrant workers

Published: June 2020

Article notes how disagreements between MWs and their employers may lead to loss of accommodation, which is a significant source of fear for many MWs.

[CNA] COVID-19: Singapore to build new dormitories with improved living standards for migrant workers

Published: June 2020

Singapore's Government announced its plans to reduce the current density in the dormitories by building new foreign worker dormitories, and refitting unused state properties.

[ST] More than dormitory space: A chance for reform

Published: June 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought MW living conditions into sharp relief, offering an opportunity for reform.

[Rice Media] A Dormitory Operator Speaks: Anecdotes From Ground Zero

Published: May 2020

A dormitory operator sheds light on his experiences running a factory-converted dormitory amidst the rapid spread of Covid-19 amongst the migrant worker community.

[TWC2] Nearly 300 men at risk of eviction and homelessness get rent money from TWC2

Published: May 2020

An article highlighting the circumstances of migrant workers who have been turfed out of employer accommodation and left to fend for themselves, as well as outreach efforts undertaken by Transient Workers Count 2 (TWC2) to meet these workers’ needs.

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