Compiled articles on long-standing salary issues faced by migrant workers in Singapore

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

[SCMP] In rich Singapore, why must migrant workers go hungry?

Published: April 2019

An article detailing how low wages affect the quality of food MWs in Singapore can purchase.

[CNN] Singapore's migrant workers struggle to get paid

Published: February 2018

This article details how MWs in Singapore struggle to get paid as their vulnerable, easily deportable situation in Singapore makes them prone to exploitation. HOME social work executive Jevon Ng posits that the number of employers prosecuted for failing to pay salaries to their workers is low as the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) favours a conciliatory approach over punitive ones to resolve salary claim cases in order to maintain its business-friendly image. Once workers file a salary claim, they remain in Singapore on a Special Pass while their case processes, during which time they are unable to work. Employers are supposed to pay an allowance during this period, but many don’t, so workers simply have no income to live on while their cases are being investigated.

(To find out more about the rights MWs are entitled to under the Work Permit or Special Pass, click here.)

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