Compiled articles on migrant domestic workers' mental health

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

[TODAY] Foreign domestic workers more likely to develop mental health problems

Published: March 2015

A TODAY piece summarizing HOME’s 2015 report, which compares the proportion of the MDW community reporting poor mental health (24%) to that of the Singaporean population (~10%), based on statistics from the Institute of Mental Health.

[HOME] Mental Health Survey: Burmese Domestic Workers Under Duress

Published: March 2015

This 2015 HOME statement provides an overview of results from the 2015 Home Sweet Home research report, on Burmese MDWs. The statement puts reports and individual stories of MDW abuse in context. It also calls for MDWs to be included in the Singapore Employment Act, to grant them legal rights to rest periods, annual leave, sick leave, public holidays and overtime pay.

[HOME] Home sweet home? Work, life and well-being of foreign domestic workers in Singapore.

Published: March 2015

In a survey conducted with 670 employed MDWs, HOME found that homesickness, debt, illness, communication barriers, and sexually abusive behavior by employers are detrimental to MDW’s mental health, while job satisfaction and being treated as a family member have positive effects.

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