Compiled articles on migrant workers' mental health during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

[ST] Steps to ease movement curbs, boost well-being of migrant workers in the works: MOM

Published: August 2020

Article details how plans are in the works to better support migrant workers' mental health and allow them more freedom to leave their dormitories, as a recent spate of suicides and attempted suicides raises concerns about their mental well-being.

[Jakarta Post] Spate of suicides among migrant workers in Singapore raises concerns

Published: August 2020

Article notes how forced quarantine in dorms and restricted movement order have led to a spate of suicides and attempted suicides by migrant workers, some have been detained under the mental health act. Many migrant workers consider mental health to be a bigger issue than the virus.

[Rice Media] In Phase 2, Migrant Workers Battle Financial Fears And A Mental Health Crisis

Published: August 2020

Delays in returning to work, the spectre of job losses, and a growing sense of powerlessness have been devastating for migrant workers’ mental health. Since April, NGOs and aid groups have seen a rise in migrant worker suicides, suicide attempts and ideation, and self-harm. The absence of a re-opening timeline causes a growing sense of helplessness as the wait goes on.

[TODAY] Managing migrant workers’ mental health a ‘work in progress’, says MOH official after self-harm incidents

Published: August 2020

Singapore’s multi-ministry Covid task force attempts to address mental health issues amongst MWs, which have due to Covid-19 confinement, through planning celebrations of MWs’ ethnic festivals with them and setting up mental health hotlines they can call.

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