Compilation of academic research on migrant domestic workers in Singapore

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

[Research] Perceived stressors and coping mechanisms of female migrant domestic workers in Singapore

Published: March 2019

Researchers examine responses from approximately 200 Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) working in Singapore to questions about stress and quality of life. Research findings provide an in-depth look into common themes of work and agency, financial need, and family obligations.

[Research] Caregiving burden in foreign domestic workers caring for frail older adults in Singapore

Published: March 2018

This research paper from the Geriatric Education and Research Institute in Singapore examines how MDWs are affected by “caregiving burden”, especially when their role involves caring for a person with dementia. Authors recommend empowering MDWs with dementia-specific caregiving skills, providing language training opportunities, and supporting particular MDWs ethnic groups with more emotional and practical help.

(Note: This link is not open access, but searching the DOI number online can help you find other available sources.)

[Research] Stress, health and quality of life of female migrant domestic workers in Singapore: a cross-sectional study

Published: Oct 2017

Researchers conducted a survey on stress and quality of life with 182 MDWs in Singapore in 2017. They found that though participants reported a relatively good overall quality of life, more than half reported feeling stressed and nearly 20% reported high levels of isolation. The two factors that most strongly correlated with quality of life were social connectedness and agreement between their preferred way of being managed and their actual experiences with their employers’ management styles.

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